Rita Hitching

M.Sc., BSc. Psychology

I’m a researcher, writer, and teacher. My focus is on teenage brain development. I am passionate about helping teens understand themselves and those around them.  I use the latest neuroscience research to explain how the teenage body and brain develop.  I have been involved in psychology and psychiatry research for over 20 years.



My interest in adolescent neuronal development stems from the unique changes the brain undergoes during the period between 13 and 19 years.  The teen years are a period of great opportunity to support teens towards independent living.


The trajectory of brain changes associated with the maturation of cognitive functions, decision making, memory, attention, impulse control is as individual as a teen is. During this period the brain demonstrates greater connectivity across regions, paired with axonal pruning. It is a period of strong remodeling making adolescents highly vulnerable to disruptions in brain maturation due to external and internal factors, that may make them susceptible to psychiatric issues.  

This exciting period keeps me on my toes, and always looking to inform teens on how to harness the power of neuroscience to make good decisions.  

My own 3 teens are a great source of inspiration for the content

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Keynote speaker for charity Mentor Teacher Connection 

Contributor to the Los Altos High School STEAM week


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